Hope for Children, a local UK non-profit came to Fallon with a simple brief: Fundraise and make them famous in the process.

We ran with an idea to target those with a lot to give to those with a little with a hyper-targeted social campaign. The Richer Kids of Instagram campaign was aimed at converting ostentatious displays of wealth into ostentatious acts of giving. We targeted the infamous Rich Kids of Instagram (RKOI) and invite them to participate (and ultimately give) with us to shift the dialog around giving.

A simple Instagram search for #RKOI yields about 440,000 ostentatious posts. This would become the source material for our campaign. Enlightened RKOI'ers would then receive a red frame (vs. the gaudy RKOI gold frame) to symbolize their commitment to the movement.

With virtually a zero-dollar budget, we managed to raise over £20K and a bunch of earned media, not to mention hundreds of thousands of impressions after we got featured on the Rich Kids of London feed (our mention has since been deleted - I mean, what were you expecting?).

To make a donation and continue to help Hope for Children providing kids all over the world with education materials, clean water, safety, and opportunities head over to their website here.