Noise. It’s everywhere and one place where it’s incessant is in the financial investing category. This is a story about how people feel paralyzed or worse, how people make accidental investing choices because of the overwhelming amount of financial investing noise.

Since 2010 the financial investment market has slowly been getting back on its feet. With future investments beginning to look more and more promising, market experts everywhere are beginning to weigh in on what to do, who to invest in, and how to stay ahead. The problem is, everyone thinks they have the answer and it’s turned into a yelling match with investors stuck in the middle.

Our campaign aimed to resonate with Financial Advisors and their clients by showing how Invesco sought out to silence the noise, and better yet filter through it to give people something useful.

This is where we developed our campaign to build on the creative strategy platform: Invesco exists to save people from Accidental Investing – the result of investing without guidance, purpose, prudence, and diligence. Armed with the philosophy of Intentional Investing, we sought out to tune out the noise and separate Knowledge from Noise. Below is that campaign.