In 2016 we set out to reinvigorate the ebookers brand. With virtually no marketing activity for the last 2 years, the brand was growing stale and losing its connection with its customers.

We needed to breath new life into ebookers and reforge relationships in Finland and Switzerland.

Through research, we validated a concept that emphasised ebookers’ ability to provide custom, personalised travel booking experiences that reinforced the ease and simplicity of booking with ebookers.

We articulated our repositioning strategy with a creative idea based on the insight that at ebookers, we know that no two trips and no two travellers are the same. We are tapping into people’s dreams of pursuing personal, one-of-a-kind travel experiences.

To launch the repositioning in our key markets, we ran a TV campaign that illustrated the allure and diversity of different trips, different travellers, and ultimately different tastes. By intentionally removing people from the ads, and shooting from the POV of a traveller, we allowed viewers to imagine themselves in our travel experiences.


We supplemented our Travel is Personal TV campaign with a social activation where we invited people to experience the brand purpose for themselves. In My Barcelona, we wanted to see just how many different ways there were to see Barcelona from different perspectives and truly show just how personal travel is.

We issued the sweeps on Facebook and from there sent a lucky few to Barcelona where we would capture their adventures on a microsite and share their experiences through social. After our travellers returned home, we made each contestant's travels public so people at home could book similar trips, see familiar sites, and taste the local fare for themselves.

The social campaign set a standard for all future social activations at Ebookers and drove traffic to the main site including millions of impressions to further reinforce the brand's new positioning.